Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

Sneggele (Snail) Alert in the house

Unbelievable I finished something crafty yesterday. Since we had thunderstorm warnings with hail for yesterday evening - there was no need to do some gardening (well we were some of the lucky ones who "only" got rain - some other parts of Germany weren´t this lucky and got some major damage). I got home early from the horses and went straight to the sewing room - in the beginning I wasn´t really in the mood for sewing but it changed from stitch to stitch and hours later I had to make me stop and go to bed.

I finished the 2 sneggeles à la Tilda - the fabric of the red sneggele was my Moms and bought in the 70ies (hmmm might be even older than I am???) - the fabric of the other sneggele was out of an scrap bag I bought a while ago.

I also continued working on the cats flannel-scrap-quilt. The scraps are left overs from the baby-quilts I made and the drawer is more than full with them.


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Carla hat gesagt…

Those are so cute!! I love the brown. I really must get a Tilda book.