Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Sometimes I´m Still A Little Girl.....

..... I buy cookies in a tin because of the tin. Nope nothing retro or old looking.......just girlie......

But hey I picked red and not pink and I have  an excuse for it - I really needed it for some of my quilting/sewing notions - lol

New Stencils Have Arrived

Sometimes its terrible when you have time to browse through the www. checking out online-shops and find sales you cant resist. So here with the stencils.......

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Tablerunner Is Done

I have finally finished my tablerunner! It took me much longer then I have thought - but the gardening season has started and it means much less time for sewing.

So here it is! I did alot of detail quilting but sadly you cant really see it on the front

Bizkit - he always needs his paws on - lol

a close up of my free motion quiliting..... its accaptable for the first time but far away from good. I defently need to practise way more. 

Back On The Bike

It has been quite a while since I was cruising around with my road bike...... no time, too busy and other stuff had priority.   But today....I couldn´t resist to hook up my bike and going for a little tour. So - after a year I was back on the bike again.....23 km in 1 h  3 min. Not too bad for the beginning and the wind we had.

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Rosie Is Here!!!

I finally got the fabric - .... Rosie The Quilter.....yeahhhhhh! When I ordered them the first time, I guess two years ago - they were sold out and the online-shop mailed me the pink collection instead.... without asking. I emailed them - but never got an answer....... the pink collection isn´t ugly.... it´s pink - a color I haven´t expected at all. About 4 weeks ago I found another online store with the regular Rosie-panel..... they had acceptable international shipping rates, so I have ordered "Rosie".....

..... and here she is!!! I´m so excited..... lol

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

My Assistent ;-)

Yesterday evening while I was watching icehockey I started to sew on my binding on my tablerunner. It took only a few minutes until my assistent was laying and snoring right next to me on the tablerunner.

Sometimes its just too funny........

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

What A Nice Car ;-)

Yesterday I saw a great car at my company. It was sold and needed to be scaled before it crosses the border. Normally I got to see really nice and rare oldtimer/replica but not this time.......

........Yep a Hummer stretch limo..........

I asked this guy if I´m allowed to look inside....WOW - leather seats, little cuddle couch, laser-sound-system, aso..........I felt like I´m in a mini club. 

And if you wondering where I´m working...... recycling-waste company.......... and we have scale for trucks and cars........

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Roses Are Red.....

..... like those ........

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Quilt Rack Aka Towel Rack By Ikea

Steffi - a member of the PQF posted a pic of her new "quilt rack" a couple of month ago. How cool and with the trip to the Holland Stoff-Markt I also stopped at Ikea to get me one too.

I love Ikea - just sometimes when you built the stuff together - it could get kinda complicated and I get quite mad about them - like this time..... cheap allen screws..... at the end I had to use a hacksaw and a driller to built this rack together.

finally done!!!!

Last night I kept on quilting my table-runner. I did partly some free motion quilting - well for the first time I can accept the results. Its not too bad but far away from good -> way more practising

Holland Stoff-Markt And IKEA

Saturday I went to the Holland Stoff-Markt (fabric-market) in Fürth followed by a stop at IKEA. The Stoff-Markt was quite crowded by the time I have arrived there - hmmm maybe already a lil bit too much for myself. Fabrics and notions... a whole market..... this must be heaven - lol. Later on I met Micha & Andi -they went fabric-shopping also and had a few bags with some treasures. Anyway íf you are into sewing - its worth stopping by the Holland Stoff-Markt

Thats the only pic I made at the market - I didnt feel like running around with my camera.

and this is the stuff I brought home from the market-Ikea trip - some fabrics, two pillows, two candles, zick-zack sciccors and a quilt rack aka towel rack

My Morning Wake Up

Normally I will get woken up by some doves..... almost every morning. But not on Sunday morning - after I got up thats what I saw when I looked out of the window. Only one dove sitting in the tree and it seams like its looking for its partner for their daily morning duett.

Curtains And Presents

Wow I´m good - within 6 month after remodeling my kitchen I found curtains. Normally it takes me forever to find curtains or lights I like. Well at least this long so people would say that I wont need them anymore - because I will remodel the room again any time soon - lol.  Well I wanted them a bit bigger but they only had one size of width - oh well deal with what you have.  I hung them up - I think I can live with those curtains

One thing I dont like is the "naked" look on the left side of each window - idea needed. I also need to find or make something to hold the curtains back - so far its just a wool-string.... lol.

and here is a pic of my presents I received for my birthday.... those metal "Coffee" signs I bought myself, they also fit perfectly into the kitchen.