Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

Fabric Diet!!!

Yesterday when I was upstairs in my sewing room and cleaned up some of my mess, I decided I have to go on fabric diet. I have an old wooden 2 door locker from my grandmother and and there is no way that all my fabrics will fit in there. Fabric diet is the solution - no stash building shopping for the rest of the year (exception: I might be on vacation in November and defently gonna buy some fabric there). I´m only allowed to buy some fabric if I need something specific for a special project - I hope I can resist those great deals the online stores are always offering. I´m awaiting my last order of batiks - no, not stash building - its for my Lazed Star batik quilt I plan to sew and the pp-pattern are already printed and waiting to get started. If I look at my WADs-List 2009, for all those projects I already have the fabrics - all I might need is the backing.

So..... let´s get the diet started!!!

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