Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Bizkit Needs Some Love

Last night I started quilting my doorhanging - diagonally like Dandelion suggested and I had it in my mind too. Two people same idea - this must be it...............still the doorhanging dont wont to be finished before Halloween - when I started quilting thread tension didnt work like it suppose to and seam ripper was my best friend....... again...........grrrrrrr! Finally the tension worked, not all they way perfect but oh well I can overlook it. When I was sewing in the threads Bizkit decided that he needs some love and petting and after some meowing and no reaction from my side he jumped on the irion board and laid down on the doorhanging

Of course I didnt have my camera with me - but my cell phone worked also.

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Carla hat gesagt…

I love your door hanging. So cute Bizkit is.