Freitag, 12. März 2010

Strolling Around Nürnberg/Nuremberg

I dropped my Mom off for eye surgery and I had 3 h time to stroll around Nürnberg. I went shopping for shirts and besides that Nürnberg is such a great city for cultur, sightseeing and taking pictures.

"Weisser Turm" with fountain "Ehekarusell"

St. Jakobs church

St. Elisbeth church

Castle and St. Sebaldus church

they street you walk when you would like to visit the castle

Frauen church - this is the place where you can visit the famos christkindles market  during Christmas-season

St. Lorzeni church

and the best place to chill after a cold winter walk through Nürnberg. Starbucks is right next to a river - beautiful view!!!

4 Kommentare:

conny's quilts en creaties hat gesagt…

What a beautiful city, great pictures. I hope your mother is allright after surgery. As a child I have been there once but I can't remember it at all!

Nicole hat gesagt…

Wie geht's deiner Mama?

Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Hello dear Karin, hope that Mutti is ok mit eyes, the foto trip is nice, I know that it is winter, but this nice light beown colour give me a sensation that the town have verry hot heart, and a lot of nice place to visit. I like this brown, moca, beige and all similar autumn colours, they are always so hot. Bonita from Minnessotta make a great job. With regards since the next time. Loredana

Karin hat gesagt…

Thanks Loredana - Mom is doing great again. I already have to remind her to slow down. Nürnberg is a real nice city to visit but recommended to do this in the warmer seasons ;-)