Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Curtains And Presents

Wow I´m good - within 6 month after remodeling my kitchen I found curtains. Normally it takes me forever to find curtains or lights I like. Well at least this long so people would say that I wont need them anymore - because I will remodel the room again any time soon - lol.  Well I wanted them a bit bigger but they only had one size of width - oh well deal with what you have.  I hung them up - I think I can live with those curtains

One thing I dont like is the "naked" look on the left side of each window - idea needed. I also need to find or make something to hold the curtains back - so far its just a wool-string.... lol.

and here is a pic of my presents I received for my birthday.... those metal "Coffee" signs I bought myself, they also fit perfectly into the kitchen.


golo8 hat gesagt…

Love your curtains and the words on the wall.... bet you enjoy coffee... LOL

Karin hat gesagt…

Thanks golo - yes I do enjoy coffee ;-)