Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Baby Wyatts Quilt Is Done And On Its Way

I was in a hurry to finish this quilt - after my sewing break I worked two looooong nights to finish it. By now Baby Wyatts quilt is in the mail towards CA - Ashley and Scott havent seen a peek of the quilt so far - I hope they will like it

The size is 45.5" x 57" - I wanted to use dark blue for the binding but I run out of it :-( (no clue where I bought it and if I would´ve known - overseas delivery takes too long for being needed right away)

2 Kommentare:

conny's quilts en creaties hat gesagt…

You did a wonderfull job and so quickly, Wyatt and his parents will surely love this quilt!

Kirsten hat gesagt…

Sehr schöne Arbeit...würd ich meinen Zwerg (wenn ich denn einen hätte) auch sofort drin einwickeln