Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Quilting Bee June

Last friday we had our little quilting bee at Mariannes. Its always fun to do some chatting, sewing and having a good time

Here are my cutted squares and rectangles - they need to be turned into blocks

Angela is making a Jelly-Quilt

Kathi keeps working on her first quilt

Marianne is assisting Kathi when she needs help

these are the blocks I made this evening

bringing in ideas how to quilt the layers

Kathi proudly presents her first finished top

Marianne spoiled us with a tasty salad and some champagne

Thanks Marianne  for another great evening at your place!

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Ranch Wife hat gesagt…

I love your colors - they are so pretty and rich - very regal! Happy to hear you have gotten the chance to sew again! There are so many other projects that take us away from our sewing in the summer. Tell Kathi 'well done' on her pretty first quilt!