Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

Quilting Bee July 2012

We have managed the next quilting bee - well an extraordinarily bee......because my friend Nicole was part of it - yay!!!! She lives in TX and is on vacation in Germany to visit family and friends. We had lots of fun, chatting and some sewing

This is the project Nicole wants to work on - her plan for this evening to pin and quilt it

the start to pin the layers ...... at her laptop :D

look - she moved a bit closer......

and yayyyy Nicole made it....... the first pin is took quite a while - lol!

still talking about pinning and quilting the layers...... Nicole was back with her laptop and facebook - lol

somehow she managed it to get it all pinned - there must be some gnomes helping her so she could start her quilting (LOL - luv a girl)

Ohh nooo - the tension wasnt right and the quilting turned out loopy on the backside.

I must admit Nicoel did all the quilting at this evening - so she really worked like a busy bee!

And of course Marianne was part of the bee also - she did some handsewing

and finished this its called "Schnuffeltuch"

she also kept on working on her other hand sewing project.

I´ve finsihed the top of the wedding/memory-quilt - sorry that I wont upload a pic at the moment - because the new going-to-be-quiltowner might stopp by at my blog also.

I really enjoyed the quilting bee with Nicole und Marianne.

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I am hearing since here in Peroj only bizzzzzz of the bees. Kiss. Loredana