Dienstag, 13. November 2012

What A Bulk Rubbish Found

Every now and then I find something in the bulk rubbish that I can use for something! But look what I found a couple weeks ago

a electrical Riccar sewing machine - no clue how old she is but defently not used a lot

the sewing machine works fine - just the light switch was broken

I searched the www. for a new one and acutally found a switch which would fit

I hooked up the switch and taaadaaaaa........ bummer the light wont work......

well the bulb didnt touch the metal inside the socket and after I fixed that....... finally.....

The same day when I found the Riccar I also found this Pfaff hobbymatic 800

she also works fine just needs a lil more cleaning in- and outside than the Riccar

It felt like Christmas to me.........two new-to-me sewing machines moved into my house.

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Ranch Wife hat gesagt…

It always amazes me what people will throw away! Good thing there are people like you who will rescue them!