Montag, 27. April 2009


Somehow I never or barly make it online on the weekends - also I couldnt get it managed to sneak up in my sewing room. Friday I went to watch a soccer-match (we won), Saturday I was spending some time at Mariannes house (my friend Nicoles Mom) and yesterday I watched the next soccer-match (we won again!). All I did was signing my "Ugly yellow brick road"-blocks so they are ready to be mailed. BTW everbody I have shown those block have told me that they are not ugly - HELP - but they need to be ugly!!! Well they gonna be mailed out cute or ugly........

Nicole went shopping on Friday and got some stuff for me too - THANK YOU *hugs* !!! Great choice - love it!!!

For this week I plan to work on my cats flannel-quilt. When I was planing to sew one - it was because my little cat Tigger loved to snuggle up in flannel-fabrics or -scrapbox, but he got hit by a car last year - now Bizkit will get it and hopefully will love it too (Bizkit was never spending time with me in the sewing room before - he just start doing it after Tigger died). This quilt will be all scrapy with scraps from the Babyquilts I made the last couple of years.

I also wanna sandwich the birthday-block-top 2008 - I have the batting and backing at home - just time is missing.

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