Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

This will be a pillow - whenever I have an idea

- hopefully anytime soon!!!

My Moms friend Paula will celebrate her 75th Birthday on July, 2. We were thinking about what we will get her as an gift and I came up with the idea to make her a memory-pillow like my Moms. Paulas life partner died 2 month after my Dad and she always looked at my Moms memory pillow I made. The first hard part was to get some pictures with both on it - I actually got two (but same scene) from her family and made the best out of it. At the first pic Josef (Sepp) was looking a bit angry and at the other pic Paula looked somewhere else - so I made photo montage of those two pics and you barly cant see it on the regular size and not at all on the small one. Well - I think I did a good job *lol* and I also printed some angels because Paula loves angels.

Thats the pics and the poem from the obituary notice I will use (upper right side is the photo montage)

This are the colors I can use so the pillow would fit in Paulas living-room - hmm on the pic you cant actully see the color differences on the fabrics

All I need is an idea how to turn this into a pillow - what pattern I will use, aso......... ideas are welcome *hint-hint*

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