Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Bizkit´s Top Is Done - Finally!!!

Thanks to the rain and the cooler weather since a couple of days - I didnt need to water the plants, veggies and flowers and no other yard work was necessary either....... yeahhhhh!!!! Nope - no chance of getting bored - I spent the last two evenings in my sewing room and finally........ finally finished the top of Bizkits quilt.

I tried to use up my flannel scraps, so no matching at all, what ever was left.....

close up of the pics - Bizkit (b/w) and Tigger (already walked over the rainbow bridge 2 years ago)

The quilt is for an armchair - Bizkits seat - but I dont know how it happend that it turned out quite huge and in heavens sake what got into to make it mostly out of inchies.

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