Montag, 19. Juli 2010

South Korea - Germany Within 6 Days

Two weeks ago Sandra posted some pics of new bags she has sewn  (she sews alot of awesome bags and other things) ............. and she made one, I really liked and made my mouth watery with the words "still available" was not one of my best days  and I needed something for my soul - like a new bag - it always helps to make me feel better...... soooo much better - LOL .........

 6 days from South Korea to Germany - I would say almost faster than mail within Germany - lol
and of course Bizkit had to be part of the pic too

sniff-sniff - I can smell it, its a package for me

Sorry Bizkit - its all mine!!!

and I got some extra goodies, very pretty fabrics and very cute chopsticks - thanks alot Sandra - but there was no need at all *hugs*

and tadaaaa - here it is... my new bag

I got alot of space for my stuff in there......

and here the "bag-junkie"

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Sandra W. hat gesagt…

Die Post war wirklich super schnell.
Und schoen, dass du dich so sehr gefreut hast. Die Tasche schaut noch viel besser aus wenn was drin ist. haha. Ich hoffe sie bleibt dir lange erhalten.

Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Hello dear, quite a long time, since I have been here, sorry, the time is so speedy since I'm retired, but this evening I dedicate to you and your posts, I had enyoed as always, the Bizkit is so cute and smarty, like my Lea, and Baltzar, Melchior and Gaspar even more, hope you are ok after the work along the wall, congratulations for nice trips fotos, and nice present, I have meet in Pula Simona from Krpe and zakrpe, very nice person, she promise to came again in september to visit her family again, so we will have nice time again. June passed in taking care about HUBBY and his ilnnes, fortunatelly now quite ok, and making a retired party in library for the staf, July is here on ended , fortunately with guests, making the little gifts, and please tell who says that when I'll be retired I will have more time, probably me, well I have, but the day is too short, definitelly I like more autumn and winter long afternoons and evenings, with music and relaxing with my hobbies. I'll come back, have a nice Sunday. Regards from Loredana.

Dandelion Quilts hat gesagt…

What a cute the size, color, and style.