Montag, 9. Mai 2011


There is the Icehockey-WM going on right now in Slovakia and WOW our german Team can acutally keep up with the Top-Teams there. I´m so PROUD of your boys! We have beaten Russia (first time since 1954 and 37 WM-games), Slovakia and Slovenia (3 wins in the preliminaries round since 1930!!!). We kept a tie after 60 minutes and extra time against Denmark and Finland but sadly lost in Penalty. The coach and the team did and still doing a great job!!! Tonight is the next game - the next really strong and successful team - Czechoslovakia - this will be another hard game for our team - *trust - faith - hope* Go Germany Go - its possible to beat the Czechs.

too nerve-racking was this game - Rocco couldn´t stay seated anymore - lol!

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