Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Rambling May,1st

May, 1st is a holyday here in Germany and normally lots of people start packing their backpacks with snacks and goodies and start off to a rambling. So did we (3 girls + a dog) this year....... left at 10.30 this morning with my small Panasonic Lumix in my backpack and a partly cloudy sky

Andrea and Nicole

I love what the country looks like in spring

a beautiful pond .....

.... wildlife..... ups no, thats me :-D .... and NO its not what it may look like!

this little follower is Sissy - Andreas dog

After 11.5 miles, a lunchbreak and a stop at our local soccer club to watch the game we were finally back home at 5.00 pm. Tired, happy and my feet hurts!

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