Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Toddler Quilt - Top Is Almost Done

Sunday and Monday evening I was able to spend a decent time in my sewing room. I kept on working on the toddler quilt and I´m pretty happy how it turned out so far

I played with the block layout - I always do that and at the end I´ll end up with a total different because while sewing them together all of a sudden I dont like it anymore.

after some more sewing I got this far.....I really like how it turned out. The quilte is wide enough but I love to have it a bit longer.......do I add another rows of squares????

or just put a border around it - which means it will get wider also. Hmm I kinda like the green around it but I dont wont to have it wider...... I´ll guess I´ll just add another row of squares.

2 Kommentare:

Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

I vote for adding another row of squares. Suxh a cute quilt! I love the look of words added to baby quilts and I'm excited to give it a try. How do you cut out your letters for your quilts?

Michelle hat gesagt…

That is so pretty! I love the way the name stands out.