Montag, 13. Februar 2012

My Notebook Is Here

At the beginning of January I have ordered myself a new Notebook and it supposed to be delivered within 48 h. Delivery day was set for January 9th but UPS didnt show up. Well maybe the tour was too big and it will be delivered on Tuesday. UPS showed up but the guy just had the delivery not but NOT my notebook!!! I asked if the notebook was already delivered ?!? From my side came a  *sensored* NO....... two more days I got in touch with UPS, they told me to call dell - they have to report my notebook as lost. After waiting and making calls and waiting again......I finally got my notebook....... four weeks later as planned thats what you get when you want your stuff within 48 h.

and here it is.......

I´m all happy and its sooooo fast compared to my old one

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