Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Working On My Old Anker Again

Its been quite a while since I worked on my aged beauty.............. well I´ve got some good energy boost and got the parts of my old Anker Sewing machine out.

the whole iron frame was rusty and the paint were mostly off

I checked the internet - how it suppose to look like and started coloring it (this part was done 1.5 years ago)

I also started painting and colouring this part - I´m not sure about the pedal what it suppose to look like. I still need to find a pic in the www.

Here is the sewing machine itself..... black paint is still good but needs to be cleaned (I can tell ya that is not too easy to find something that´ll work the right way) - the gold/silver decor is partly gone - I cant and wont replace that.

Oh and in the 1.5 years of not touching it - my "buddies" had great time to doing their mission.........

.... destroying  the board - sigh - it wasnt this bad when I saved the machine from being thrown away - oh well alot of extra work for me

2 Kommentare:

rockgranny hat gesagt…

I have one oldtimer too which is waiting to be renewed for quite a long time. Maybe this summer I would have enough time and courage to start.I hope for some advices from you

Teresa hat gesagt…

I'm so glad to see you're rescuing one of the "old girls." I have a 1904 Singer 27 that I bought, and it's in pretty good shape but the machine needs a cleaning too. In the meantime, she sits in my livingroom.