Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

"New" Roof For The Former Chicken Coop

Sorry no sewing post again :(

The roof tiles from the one side of the former chicken coop werent the best anymore (from 1957 and already used ones back then). I had a bunch of newer ones laying around so I have decided that the one side of the chicken coop will be retiled.

7.30 in the morning the tiles were off

sigh - now they need to be carried to the other side where the tractor was waiting to be loaded ........ 2.4 t of rubble I have loaded by hand (not just the tiles) - I guess I dont need to go to the gym the next few days :)

"open air"

can you tell that my uncle is seventy?!?

My nephew also stopped by to help me out - my woodworm.... ups I meant carpenter

There are still little things what need to be done - but my uncle stops by whenever he as time to complete the roof.

One thing is started and it brings so much extra work which you didnt relize before - sigh!


P.S. I wasnt just taking pictures - I was the loser who had to get and hand the tiles

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Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

Wow! That is going to be one nice chicken coop! We don't even have that nice of a roof on our house! LOL. Brick...pretty roof...I would live in the coop! :)