Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

Ostrich Eggs And Birthday Present

Last year I was looking for a birthday present for a friend - she is very creative and is interested in a lot of things to do, to try out........... since engraving is one of her interests I thought about a present which goes in this direction. I knew that Marianne already did great job on engraved eggs......... well chicken eggs what about some ostrich eggs?!?! But where can I get ostrich eggs in Germany......... very close to my house - only a 30 min. drive away

May I introduce you to the rooster

 and his chickens

 Even if they looked friendly and the owner fed them out of his hands - I had huuuuge respect........

 .......look at their claws - must be a leftover from a pterosaurian. The owner told me that they can easily rip open your stomach - well that kept even more on distance.

I bought two eggs and here you can compare a chicken and an ostrich egg. An ostrich egg is approx. 15 chicken eggs

ready to surpise Marianne

 photo B5DA607FFBCDE63F0ECD6F6043FFD986_zpsz49hifu7.png

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