Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

Shampoo Bottles

I work for a recycling company and we get tons of new,empty shampoo bottles

 like this one in different colors

 I saw on pinterest that they made cute gift bags out of them and I wanted to give it a try too.
I didt made pics during the progress cause  I got pretty lazy taking pics lately. But I think i turned out pretty cute andy many ways to decorate them.

 photo B5DA607FFBCDE63F0ECD6F6043FFD986_zpsz49hifu7.png

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Mary Ann hat gesagt…

Hi Karin. I am sewing the wonky Christmas tree blocks together from the QLR swap and when I saw your block I came over to check on your blog. So happy to see you blogging again. Sorry about that nasty cat bite. Glad it healed up for you. Those ostrich eggs are large aren't they? My neighbor used to paint on them. Take care
Quilter's Last Resort

Emma hat gesagt…

I'm so glad that you're blogging again! I'm recently back into blogging as well, it is hard to get back into it! Life's had a lot of changes for me, but we are doing very well. You aren't coming to Texas any time soon, are you? I'll be here another year. :)

做愛 hat gesagt…