Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

Finally some sewing on Monday

On monday I had a day off because my Moms chemo-treatment. After 4 h at the doc place watching and listening to Mom sleeping and snoring (never slept this well during her treatment) - we finally got home. Cooked some lunch, ate and Mom went right away to bed and I went right away into my sewing-room.

I made two more blocks for the birthday-block-swap and for the last block of this swap I have to wait for my fabric-delivery. Didnt have unbleached muslin at home - and of course ordered some more fabrics so s/h is worth it - hehehe. So here they are.....

The gal who receives the log-cabin wanted civil-war fabrics. Well I never was really interesseted in those fabrics and I ordered a medley of it - they are cute and thats what I made out of them

This is my first Sue I ever made - I think it came out quite cute. I was thinking about how I will applique the Sue, needle-turn, zig-zag or the other I-dont-know-the-name-stitch. Since I´m a totally greenhorn in needle-turn I thought zig-zag would be the best choice for me. But I have to complain about one thing - why does a iron always make stains on white fabric??? It never does it on yellow or other light-colored fabric - always on whites. Now I have to see how I get the stain off.

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