Montag, 28. September 2009

Friendship Bag Has Arrived

Last Friday when I got home from work - I found this package in my mailbox. Its from Judy from the sunny state Florida. Totally exited I ran upstairs to open it

I felt like Christmas

A letter where Judy told me a little bit about herself

The beautiful friendship bag - I love it. The pink and the flamigos represents defently Florida, the black and white fabric car-racing in Daytona

this little book with great sayings in it, handwritten

some very pretty batics (I love batics)

an adorable wallhanging - beach, ocean and sunset sky - I already feel like I´m in Florida. This wallhanging will get a special place in my sewing-room

christmas-panel with labels on it

This kit for a summer tote of Lazy Girl Designs

a ATC and a very lovely doll

and thats it all in one pic

Judy - thank you so much for the package with all those goodies. You spend so much time and money in making and buying all those pretty things. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - I defently felt like its already been Christmas.

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