Mittwoch, 9. September 2009

Something Little Turned Into Something Big

My old fridge came into the years - besides using alot of power it starts leaking and keep having water inside. So I looked around for a new one - my favorite would´ve been a double door freezing-cooling-system with an automatic icecube maker and water dispenser. But I have to be realistic 1. one person doesn´t need such a big freezing-cooling system 2. a water pipe wouldve been needed on the other side of the kitchen and 3. how would this system get into my appartement (small stairwell)??. Finally I bought this one

Bosch KDN36P93, stainless steel

A big THANK YOU to Renè und Peter - those poor guys carried this fridge up into my appartement. It only fits by hairbreadth through the stairwell.

So, now I have a new great fridge and because of it - my kitchen looks like this

Wallpaper and some tiles were taken off, jacks needed to be displaced - dont worry I only did the plastering-thing (its defently an advantage to be a bricklayers daughter), the electricity was done by Gustl. Now, I still need to get wallpaper, paint (I still have no idea how to paint it) and a new linoleum floor.

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Gesine hat gesagt…

Wow, sowas kannst du, verputzen? Respekt! Ich find übrigens, als Einzelperson braucht man auch Platz im Kühlschrank, schließlich werden die Sachen ja nicht so schnell aufgegessen wie bei einer Familie ... viel Spaß mit dem neuen.
LG, Gesine

Nicole hat gesagt…

Was hast du denn mit der Kueche angestellt? lol