Freitag, 27. November 2009

Hiking Trail And Sunset

At my last Sunday here we took of to Chalk Ridge Hiking Trail - a little place where you are allowed to walk and no sign "Private Property". Me as an outdoor person have enjoyed this little trail and of course you always find things you can take pictures off.

quite adventures - should I try ???

Well - if I would´ve found a tree like this in Germany and wouldn´t have kids with me - yeah I would´ve walked over this tree

I love this wooden bridge

I think the kids had their fun - running around, throwing rocks, try to catch a fishes and petting them, playing at the waters edge

and me still thinking about if I should´ve walked over the tree!

on the way back home we stopped at Stillhouse Hollow Lake - we had such a great view from there......

..... and a great sunset

..... we also had company *lol*

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