Samstag, 14. November 2009

Searching For My Luggage And Unpacking Some Goodies

I was waiting patiently until the next afternoon for the Airport to call that they have my luggage and going to deliver it. Wrong....... Nicole suggested that I should call the missing luggage hotline and ask for my bags. So I did - the operator told me that the case is already closed and the bags delivered. What????? They didnt got delivered to the address where I stay, so where is my luggage. I must say, it was a really nice and helpful operater, he took care of it and within the next two hours I had my luggage (att. bags arrived at the airport like 2 h later after me and NO one called).

I brought some german goodies and some Playmobil - here is Soren with the Playmobil toys

"ALL MINE" :-)

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