Samstag, 14. November 2009

Taking Off And Where Is my Luggage???

Taking Off day has arrived and I joined the train to the airport. I love to ride on the train but not when I have to carry arround so much luggage and no elevator in sight - one good thing that my Mom persist on coming with me to the airport.

Its the first time since 13 years that I took off from Frankfurt airport and this time I got remembered why. I just dont like it there, its been a chaos back then and its still one. And yes I love to haul my luggage through the airport because I'm leaving Terminal 2 and when I got there I've been told go back to Terminal 1 and .... I dont know how many check-ins I walked by until I found mine.....

Frankfurt in autumn colors

landing in Houston - I was lucky and got through customs very fast and made it on time to my connecting flight - even they checked my luggage there with me (I think it was because of the Kinder Ueberraschungs Eier/Kinder surprise Eggs)

Ok ready to take off to Killeen - nice short and quite loud flight

Landing in Killeen

Enough of flying, I just wanted to get out, grab my bags and meet my friend Nicole and her Kids. Well that was my thought - but I waited at the baggage claim forever and non of my checked in luggage showed up................ NOOOOOO.......... NOT AGAIN!!!!!

Oh well so I declared two missing bags and good that I'm experienced and carry around pics of luggage they can staple to the missing-report.

3 Kommentare:

Sandra W. hat gesagt…

Lass mich raten..du bist mit DELTA von Houston nach Killeen geflogen???

Carla hat gesagt…

My goodness I can't believe how long it's been since I've commented on your blog! I guess because I see you everyday in Yoville I don't think about it here. LOL I'm sure glad your trip turned out ok in the end.

Karin hat gesagt…

Sandra - nein, diesmal bin ich mit Continental geflogen. Normalerweise bekomme ich mein Gepaeck heimwaerts immer nicht. Einmal ist es mir passiert, dass ich in Thailand war, mein Gepaeck aber in Australien. Ich hatte sowieso Glueck - Buchungen ab dem 15. September duerfen nur noch ein Gepaeckstueck kostenlos mitnehmen. Ich hatte ja schon Anfang August gebucht.