Montag, 13. September 2010


I was looking for a bookshelf since quite some time - I wanted one for the itsy bitsy tiny spot between my locker and the wall (10.5").

I was looking everywhere and those I found were always to wide. And after another never ending www. search I found a store who has a shelf in the right size....... I was doing the happy dance because I already saw me building my own shelf.

Last week the shelf got delivered

 voilá - it was put together in about 3 minutes - not screws needed

and the shelf fits perfectly in this spot

This was a reason to do some major cleaning in my sewing room - it looks nice and tidy again!

Hmmm do I still sew?!?!? I still do some quilting on Bizkits quilt - but somehow the progress is really slow because there are always other non-quilting/-sewing stuff to do - like working on my teasure chest. The epoxyd resin is finally dry and I´ll started working on this one again - I tell ya...... the chest is going to be a real beauty (well - at least I think so) pics will follow as soon as I´m done. Once more a linseed oil treatment + some sanding and some rust protection on the fittings.

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