Montag, 20. September 2010

My Swap Partner From Brown Bag Quilt Contest

I signed up for this swap at Stash Manicure - the participants are from all over the world. How big are the chances to get a swap partner from your neighbourhood?!? Very very slim! I´ve got my mail with the info about my swap partner last week - her name is Emma - I saw thats an APO address in Germany......... and not even 10 minutes later I have received an Email from Emma that she is living in Nxoxos 66........ I was stunned she is actually living not even 1 mile away from my house - how cool is that!!! She asked if I would like to swap the the fabric in person.......... of course I do - when do you actually have the chance to meet a swap partner out of an international swap.

Saturday we were going to meet and swap our fabrics (and I forgot my camera... blame me!)...... I met a very kind young women, we had a little chat about our hobby and Emma told me that she just moved in this area ..... and she was so nice to show me some of her quilts she is working on....... I can tell you there are some really beautiful quilts going to be finished anytime soon.

and here is the swap-package I have received .... I love how she tied it together with the pink bow

have a peek of what I got....thanks Emma ;-)

I love the fabrics I have received - I was looking at them for I while........ and a small idea already came into my mind.... but I still have to work on this idea.......... so far it was my best swap because I met a new quilting friend!!!

Happy stitchin!

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conny's quilts en creaties hat gesagt…

How special to live that close to a swap partner, maybe you can start a bee together while making this quilt???? Have fun with this contest/swap

Coloradolady hat gesagt…

How fun to be so close to your swap partner! I am visiting from Stash Manicure and looking for fabrics that have is so fun! I have met online my partner and we have a lot in common...that is the best part!

My post today is about the swap....if you want to read about it! I am looking forward to seeing all the quilts!!