Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Treasure Chest Moved In

After a long time of working on my treasure chest it finally moved in my living room. I moved around the furniture all morning until I found the right place. I still need to find the right fitting for the keyhole and than the chest would be all the way finshed.

Thats what the chest looked like when I got it last year

started to get the paint off

all the paint is off

after wood worm-, epoxyd resin- and linseed oil treatment and painting the fittings - thats what the chest looks like by now

my quilts will be stored in there

2 Kommentare:

Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Hello dear, you can't find better place for this treasure box. Regards from Loredana.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Great job on refinishing the chest. It's real nice!