Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Bee-house Is Down

Warning: lots of non-sewing pics ;-)

We used to have bees as long as I can remember. It was a hobby of my Oma and when we were kids we always wanted to be there when she was working at the bee-house.

This is my Oma - the pics were taken +/- 20 years ago infront of the bee-house with a honeycomb in her hand

the little smoker makes the bees leave the honeycomb and kinda calm them down

this a good friend with my Oma inside the bee-house

When my Oma got sick and died, my Dad took over the bees - well my interest was gone by that time because I started to show allergic reaction when I get stinged. My Dad used to have bees for 10 more years but then the regulation got tightened and he gave them up. The bee-house turned into a storage for junk...............last year I was going to paint the bee-house but it wasnt worth it anyomore, the boards were rotten and wood worms moved in also.

bee-house last year

roof tiles are off

the lath followed the next evening

walls gone

an this is what it looks like now - the plinth still has to go

Saturday evening the bee-house was history..............bye bye bee house you are gone but not the memories - they will be treasured in my heart

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Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

I think I would have cried when it came down, but it seems like it was the right thing to do before it fell down. I am glad you have such wonderful memories and I love the photos of your Oma!