Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

Sewing & Chatting

I feel bad because I havent posted for a month - I´m still here, I´m still sewing or doing things and taking pictures but I got pretty lazy when it comes to posting. I guess I have to do some catch-up on what I did the last few weeks.

Well Marianne and me had a little get together with some sewing, chatting and some champagne

Marianne showed me her projects she is working on
All-colors-quilt - squares are cut and now she is trying to find a layout she likes

the amazing 3D-ball black & white - layers are sandwiched

here is another cute sandwich made out of a panel and borders were added

and of course the girls version too

Well I was sewing in some threads of my Dino-quilt.......hmmm it looks like I havent taken any pics of it.

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