Sonntag, 15. April 2012

Dino-Quilt Is Done

Finally the Dino-Quilt is done. The top was fast put together but then I decided to quilt dinosaurs into the borders and they took quite some time. I´ve also learned a new lesson - when you use thicker batting you need a bigger backing - not only 2 inch on each side.

4 Kommentare:

Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

Oh Karin, that is super cute!

Emma hat gesagt…

Love it! Sorry I've been so silent lately, my husband leaves tomorrow and I leave in 2 I now have 8 baby quilts to make between now and December. I should be back (probably) around September or October and will have to have the sewing machine pedal to the medal! It didn't help that one of my coworkers just found out that his wife is having triplets...yeesh!

Patchlissi hat gesagt…

Der Quilt ist einfach Klasse...der ist sooo schön...tolle Idee!!!

Daphne hat gesagt…

Ein super süßer Quilt. Und der Katzen Mini-Quilt ist genial.