Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Lots Of Sewing And A Finish

I was working like crazy on this quilt

I was sewing-in threads and before I left to go to Mariannes I sewed on the binding

sewing-in the rest of the threads, take the layering stitches out (what are they actually called???) and started to sew down the binding by hand on the backside.........

......... and some more sewing down the binding......... and voilá

3 Kommentare:

Patchlissi hat gesagt…

WOW,sehr schöner Quilt...die Farben und das Muster gefallen mir sehr gut!!!

rockgranny hat gesagt…

Blue and brown, not my cup of tea, but look so nice together, maybe I should try some day
I think little Tim would enjoy his quilt

Ranch Wife hat gesagt…

That is so darling! You always choose such great color combinations, and that is a very cute pattern! Luck baby!