Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Pendulum Clock

Pendulum clock........... another word I havent heard before.... pendulum. Well, my Grandmother got this clock as a wedding gift in 1935. She used to have it hanging in her kitchen and when we start rebuilding the house, the clock moved to the stairwell and now its hanging in my moms dining room. But since a view month the clock didnt work right anymore, it only runs for a minutes and then it just stopps. 

my uncle Helmut came over to help me to put the clock apart

some cleaning, dusting, oiling

and thats what was stucked between the cogs (I´m defently learning lots of new words today.... cogs)...... dont really know what this is but its kinda fish bone-like........ how in the world would a fish bone get stucked between a clocks cogs????

after some testing we  put the clock back together

and one happy girl is all excited about to have the clock running/ticking again.

Thanks for your help uncle Helmut!

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conny's quilts en creaties hat gesagt…

Loveley, my grandparents had such a clock too! Great that it works again!