Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Waterpipe Got Fixed

Finally the bursted waterpipe got fixed yesterday. It was a pretty messy work - not for me but for the poor guys.

Decades ago the waterpipes where layed into concrete
(well really smart - especially when they burst). The guy from the watercompany and the building enterprise decided that is was easier to shut down the old pipe and lay an overground pipe.

digging the hole from the sidewalk towards the house 


and shutting down the water inflow towards my house

 replacing the ol´ waterpipe

at the late afternoon the whole work was done

..... and also inside

Now we can start to put everything back in place......... hopefully not everthing since there is lots of stuff which needs to go to the recycling......... if my Mom is willing to let the junk go - lol!

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