Montag, 10. August 2009

Friendship bag tutorial

I was traveling through the worlds of blogs and found some great looking friendship bags at Dandilions quilts. She did a great job on those and I think they are so cute and would make perfect gifts. Its my luck Dandilions has blogged the link for Rachels tutorial, so I can put those cute bags on my To-do-list. I still need to do some quilting on the bird quilt and on a Baby quilt I made on stash two years ago + I have my birthday block quilt laying around and waiting for some quilting also........ I wonder why my days are always a couple hours to short - neither I´m getting slower with my work or I have to much planned for the days?!?

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Dandelion Quilts hat gesagt…

You should join the swap! The link to the swap is in the upper left corner of my blog and there is still time!