Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

They Are Gone :-(

My friend Nicole and her kids left Germany today to go back home. I`m sad and I will miss you guys!!! I got so used to have you around and being able to stop by when ever I want to. Amazing how fast those two month were over.

(Pic stolen from Nicoles blog :-))

The good thing is, I will see them in November again! The kids already told me what to bring, it sounded really important...... a couple of those little bottles with "Glücksperlen" *lol*
Hope you guys get home safe and sound and dont forget to put some red wine in the fridge for November - I will bring the Bailey´s or Lemoncello.

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Dandelion Quilts hat gesagt…

It is so hard to say goodbye to friends. I am never good at goodbyes.