Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

Happy Birhtday BuT

Yesterday I was invited to But´s (Buckel Thomas = BuT, his initial at work and somehow it became his nickname) 30iest Birthday. A couple of times I have asked his girlfriend Manu if there is anything he want or if they collecting the money to get him something bigger or something special. Well none of all and when I asked BuT I got the answer "nothing" or "to be let alone". Well..... it didnt say it on the invitation "no show up prefered" - so big L for you BuT - no way you will be let alone on your 30iest B-day and at the final there were over 50 people showing up. In the beginning I thought about to get him something mean but then his other friends came into my mind and I decided to be nice because he would get enough mean stuff from the others *lol*

So that´s what I got for his birthday - not just a beer its a 2 litre beer bottle with a personalized sign on front of this case. The case with the bottle is 19 1/2" (50 cm) tall

Now BuT can say to his girlfriend I will only have one bottle of beer *lol* - just dont mention the size of the bottle.......

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