Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

The New Markers Are Here

I have seriously problems with markers. I´ve tried quite some marker from which I´ve heared or read about it that they are good and with none I´m really happy. In one of the last posts I´ve mentioned this problem and Heike told me to try this one from sewline, she is all happy about using it. Well I haven´t ordered the one from Sewline, I bought the one from Bohin (hopefully it works as well as Heikes from Sewline).

I have also bought this marker from Clover "HERA" - in this case I was just nosy if it really marks as well (creasing sharp lines into the fabric) as I have heared from some other quilting-gals

I will test them both the next couple of days and let you know what my opinion is about those markers.

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Gesine hat gesagt…

Also, ich hab den von bohin ganz neu und bin auch begeistert. Würde mich aber interessieren, was über den mit den Falten zu hören - funktioniert das wirklich?
LG, Gesine