Montag, 31. August 2009

The IceTigers Are Back!!!

Last Friday and Sunday I watched the first two home matches of the IceTigers - finally no boring soccer anymore!!! Thank you to Thomas Sabo - he stepped in as the new main Sponsor of the IceTigers - Thomas Sabo gave us the possibility to watch some more Icehockey in Nuremberg. With the end of last season all of a sudden the old main sponsor withdraw the funds and for days and weeks were no future in sight.
Now we are back with a new young team - I dont think we will make it to the Play Offs this season but I´m already happy to be in the middle of the ranklist.

"Go Tigers Go" and dont forget "IceTigers Will Never Give Up!"

Freitag, 28. August 2009

A Request If I Have Time

A friend of my Mom stopped by yesterday and asked if I would/could/be able to make for her new grandchild Sophie a baby quilt. Well - actually I´m full with my projects but since she has already asked back in Februray/March when she knew about the pregnancy - I have kinda planned it in - I have actually planned in two quilts because there is the next grandchild due within the next couple of days.

I asked about if they want some specific colors and Mrs. Heller said something about green, pink and brown - I run up into my sewing-room and grabbed all the fabrics I have in those colors and thats what she picked as main fabric

I already have an idea with the colors - I think the quilt will have a nostalgic touch.

Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

Nature´s Best Quilt Contest

Check out this Quilt contest - small project, large project with the theme nature.

Natures Best Quilt Contest

I thought about to sign up with my Dads bird quilt when I´ve finished it - well if I still have the guts for it

Dienstag, 25. August 2009

Du Fehlst Uns!!!

Ein Jahr ist es jetzt her, dass mein Papa sein irdisches Leben aufgab und seitdem als Engel über uns wacht. Es war ein 5monatiger Horrortrip in Bad Neustadt a. d. S. - als Papa einfach keine Kraft mehr hatte gegen die ganzen Infekte und Entzündungen anzukämpfen. Letztendlich war es eine Erlösung für ihn - er wär nie mehr so gewesen wie vorher. Für mich war das Schlimmste, als Papa mir 4 Tage nach seiner OP sagte, dass er hier nicht mehr rauskommen würde. Ich wusste nicht wirklich was ich sagen sollte - ausser das es doch klar ist, dass ihm alles weh tut - schliesslich wurde ihm der Brustkorb aufgesäbelt und am Herz rumgeschnippelt. Das war dann auch das letzte Mal, dass wir mit ihm reden konnten, kurz drauf bekam er eine Trachial-Kanüle gesetzt und die behielt er bis zum letzten Atemzug vor einem Jahr.

Wir vermissen dich!!!

14 Tage bevor mein Papa starb, wurde meine Mama an Brustkrebs operiert mit anschliessender Chemo und Bestrahlung. Die letzten 15 Monate haben mich doch ziemlich geprägt und härter gemacht, da ich die "Starke" bin, die seit April 2008 für Mama da war und ist.

DANKE an Nicole, Marianne, Hans und Petra, sie waren meine Schulter zum anlehnen und bei denen ich mich mal ausheulen konnte.

Ready For Some More Quilting

My Dads bird quilt is finally done with quilting, I still need to sew in the threads and put on the binding. Pic of the quilt will follow the next couple of days.

In the meantime the next quilt in line is waiting to get quilted. The blocks are out of the birthday-block swap of QLR my theme was rainbow colors. I love how colorful this quilt turned out. I´m just not sure about the quilting - I dont really wanna quilt through the blocks. Maybe some stitch in the ditch around the blocks and a allover quilting in the beige triangle. What color of thread should I use??? I think its to much color if I quilt the beige triangles with a multicolor thread - what do you think???

Samstag, 22. August 2009

Surprise Mail - THANK YOU TexasMusicMom!!!

Yesterday, when I checked my mailbox and I found this squishy envelope in it

Its from TexasMusicMom aka Nancy - she send me some great texas themed batik and also themed bundle of fabric. I´m speechless and dont know what to say besides THANK YOU Nancy and it was not necessary at all *many hugs*!!!!

If you look close to this batik - there is a bucking horse, cowboy hat and -boots and the skull of an longhorn on it. What a great fabric!!!!

THANK YOU Nancy - I will treasure the batik and the bundle of fabric and I will make something special from it.

Freitag, 14. August 2009

What Was Your Favorite TV-Show When You Were A Kid?

There is a fabic give away at I Have To Say. You have to post a comment about your favorite TV-show when you were little. I thought about it and there was just one comming into my mind "Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl". A german show and most of the german readers will know this cute red hair kobold. I couldn´t resist to look on You Tube - well I was spending at least 30 min. to watch Pumuckl on You Tube - I still love it *lol*

Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

Couple posts ago I told you about this Friendship bag tutorial at Rachels blog. Dandilions already made some beautiful friendship bags and was so nice to call my attention at this swap.

Friendship Bag Swap

Somehow I havent relized this at all and well what should I say I couldnt resist and I´m a part of it now. Yeahhhhhh another swap after being swapless since May.

Join the swap - it will be fun! Registration will be closed August 20th

Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

They Are Gone :-(

My friend Nicole and her kids left Germany today to go back home. I`m sad and I will miss you guys!!! I got so used to have you around and being able to stop by when ever I want to. Amazing how fast those two month were over.

(Pic stolen from Nicoles blog :-))

The good thing is, I will see them in November again! The kids already told me what to bring, it sounded really important...... a couple of those little bottles with "Glücksperlen" *lol*
Hope you guys get home safe and sound and dont forget to put some red wine in the fridge for November - I will bring the Bailey´s or Lemoncello.

Happy Birhtday BuT

Yesterday I was invited to But´s (Buckel Thomas = BuT, his initial at work and somehow it became his nickname) 30iest Birthday. A couple of times I have asked his girlfriend Manu if there is anything he want or if they collecting the money to get him something bigger or something special. Well none of all and when I asked BuT I got the answer "nothing" or "to be let alone". Well..... it didnt say it on the invitation "no show up prefered" - so big L for you BuT - no way you will be let alone on your 30iest B-day and at the final there were over 50 people showing up. In the beginning I thought about to get him something mean but then his other friends came into my mind and I decided to be nice because he would get enough mean stuff from the others *lol*

So that´s what I got for his birthday - not just a beer its a 2 litre beer bottle with a personalized sign on front of this case. The case with the bottle is 19 1/2" (50 cm) tall

Now BuT can say to his girlfriend I will only have one bottle of beer *lol* - just dont mention the size of the bottle.......

The New Markers Are Here

I have seriously problems with markers. I´ve tried quite some marker from which I´ve heared or read about it that they are good and with none I´m really happy. In one of the last posts I´ve mentioned this problem and Heike told me to try this one from sewline, she is all happy about using it. Well I haven´t ordered the one from Sewline, I bought the one from Bohin (hopefully it works as well as Heikes from Sewline).

I have also bought this marker from Clover "HERA" - in this case I was just nosy if it really marks as well (creasing sharp lines into the fabric) as I have heared from some other quilting-gals

I will test them both the next couple of days and let you know what my opinion is about those markers.

Pumpkin Oh Pumpkin!!!

This is what it looked on the seed package

and this is what I´ve got so far as an pumpkin (already a bit bigger -> this pic was already taken last week)

I still doubt it if this pumpkin going to look like this one on the package. It already happened to my Dad a couple years ago - he put out seeds for regular pumpkin and all he got was those weired looking pumpkins for decoration. Last year I harvest none because those rotten snails eat up my pumpkin plants over night!

Montag, 10. August 2009

Its About Time For Some Halloween-Stuff

I just got a email from Keepsake Quilting with the info that their new catalog is in the mail. I truly love to flip through it and see all the pretty stuff in there. Something cought my eye in the email - its called Halloween magic and it looks like this

(copy from Keepsake Quilting)

Somehow I fell in love with it and I NEED to have it - so why wait for the catalog - I just hopped on their website and ordered it. What a bummer they have back ordered it and the kit will be expected by end of August. Hopefully two weeks for international delivery *note for customs: Hurry up I really need it* and then I need to rush to get it done before Halloween. For the quilting I will use my night-glowing thread - how cool will this be when the wallhanging starts glowing in the dark?!?

Friendship bag tutorial

I was traveling through the worlds of blogs and found some great looking friendship bags at Dandilions quilts. She did a great job on those and I think they are so cute and would make perfect gifts. Its my luck Dandilions has blogged the link for Rachels tutorial, so I can put those cute bags on my To-do-list. I still need to do some quilting on the bird quilt and on a Baby quilt I made on stash two years ago + I have my birthday block quilt laying around and waiting for some quilting also........ I wonder why my days are always a couple hours to short - neither I´m getting slower with my work or I have to much planned for the days?!?

Freitag, 7. August 2009

Some Neat Stuff At A Junk-Place

Sometimes its great to work at my place a junk recycling company - especially when we are the only company in town who is having a public scale for cars, trucks aso..... and this is what I get to see once in a while

an old Mercedes SL 300 Coupé from somewhere in the 50th

There is a Oldtimer dealer in town and every now and then he shows up with pretty cars like this to have them scaled. Its the first time I had the chance to grab my office camera to take a picture

Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

I Booked My Flight

The last couple of days I was checking out flights - some for my friend Nicole and of course some for me. I think a got a good price, well at least the flight is 300 € cheaper than it was 2007. Yeah 300 € I can spent for goodies....... unless I have to spent it on my car since it´s in the garage today to get fixed. Hey Nicole, no doubt anymore - I will bugging you guys in November *lol*