Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

I Love Full Moon!!

Sometimes I just can´t catch it on a pic how great it really looks - but this time I cought a quite good one

Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

Garden Project "Front" Part 2

Yesterday I felt like I had enough energy to start working on Garden Project "Front" again. I put the plants in, dragged the big bags with mulch into the front and I finally put up the japanese granite lantern.

the dirt is out

 plants "red baron" are in - they suppose to turn red in July/August

followed by mulch

unpacking the lantern

and finally the granite lantern - boah those pieces were quite heavy

and still not done - I need some weired looking rocks and roots for the beds with the plant, cutting gras, paintjob at the grey-blue wall and the faucet needs to be taken off. So quite some work ahead.

Can You See Minzie??

The weather is pretty awesome for April this year and not just I love to spent some time outside our cat at the office, loves it too. Instead of sleeping in her basket - she prefers this

Can you see Minzie?

She was laying there all day long - only came inside to get some food

Montag, 26. April 2010

Gardening Weekend

I finally start feeling better - I´m not 100 % ok but oh well hopefully in a couple more days. Friday I did some paint-jobs at our property and Saturday I started to work in the garden.

Its about time to put out some potatoes, onions and garlic

potatoes here

onions and garlic there

and the green house for tomatoes here

so I worked quite a bit on Saturday and after I was done I found some sleeping and chillin beautys- lol - it seems like I was the only one working on saturday

my Mom
(good thing that she doesnt know how to use a pc - lol)


Hanni & Nanni - we only have two chickens left - Goldlöckchen was pretty sick and released her

While I was watching TV in the evening I sewed in some threads of my tablerunner

Freitag, 23. April 2010

Wohooo Extension Table Is Fixed!

Today I went to the craftmans store to check if they have anything I can use as an foot for the extension table. I´m good...... I found some screws ( I´m not sure what they are called exactly in english)

and they fit perfect............ have a look

Thats what I call saving, instead of buying the original foot at the Pfaff-store for $ 65 per pack (4 feet) I paid $ 1.75 for 4 of those screws and they wont break...........btw Marianne I got you some too.

Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Oh Nooooo ............ I Broke It!!!!!

The foot of my extension table of my sewing machine....... I was leaning on the table and tried to reach over to the other side to get something, when I´ve heard a crack.......

I´ve heard from Marianne that those replacement feet are quite expensive.......and they are plastic again........ I´ll check one of those craftsman stores and see what they have there I might can use.

Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

Practise Free Motion Quilting

Free motion quilting - oh boy - something I´m kinda scared off. I did some little things before like one key chain and the base of a thread collector and it looked anything else besides good and it was a looong time ago. But Marianne inspired me to start practising it again, she quilted her heart-quilt in free motion style and I loved it so much and I wanna quilt my birthdayblock-quilt this style too. What else can I do besides practising..........

I got an old bed sheet out of my grandmas stuff, layered it and started quilting - oh boy - I was right - it scares me and what it looks like is not even scaring...... it´s an nightmare......

.... for sure I wont be a free motion quilter .......

two bobbins later.......

three bobbins later........

I think, for 4 bobbins free motion quilting experience.... the last pic looks like I´m on the right way......... but still......its a small sheet and not my beloved big going to be quilt!!!!! I´m still scared........

Some Quilting Of The Tablerunner

The top of the tablerunner is done, sandwiched and ready for quilting. So I started last night and  got the big part done

Quilting-job you barely see in the front - just alot of threads

way more to see of the quilting


Garden Project "Front"

The last couple of weeks I  was working outside in the garden - the rose-bed, some bushes and a tree are gone. Two weekends ago I took out about 7 inch of dirt to replace it with mulch. I have also ordered one of those japanese lantern made out of granite and a kind of grass called "Red Baron" which suppose to be hardy(?). I still have to get the ok from the Doc - so I can start working in the garden again

This is just a part of the bed - it looks like a "u" and all together its about 9 yrds

This will be the place for the lantern - the blue-grey wall still needs to be painted

and here is the lantern..... blame me, not even unpacked - have to wait until I feel better

Montag, 19. April 2010

A Sick And Lazy Weekend

I was looking forward to go out to the Irish Pub on music with Tim + Eddy...... but no, I wasnt feeling very well the whole week and of course it wasnt better on friday night. Later that night I got two "klicks" in my ears and by then I knew what I had...... middle ear infection on both sides. So saturday morning I went to the ER, the Doc agreed with my diagnose and gave me a prescription for antibiotics.

So I didnt do anything on the weekend - a bit of quilting.......

....strolling around the garden

and doing some dishes after BBQ - well at least the BBQ was great and the weather also. One thing I dont like at the moment I´m soo sensetive to noises and some hurt the ears.

Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

And A Bit Of Sewing

Between all the gardening, job, horses and ice hockey I also managed a little bit of sewing. Nothing big - just a simple table runner which turned out kinda big so far - lol. The top is almost finished - almost I still have to sew on the borders on two sides. Here a little peek