Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

Some Quilting Is Done

Yesterday I finished quilting the inner part of the top of my bird-quilt. I have no clue how I will quilt the outer borders of it and still looking for an idea. Its just the problem that I´m not good at all when it comes to curvy quilting so the quilting patterns a very limited for me and my skills. I have used green multicolor thread - the white stuff is still from the marker......

Markers........ what markers are you using???? I ´ve already tried a couple of different markers and with none I´m absolutly happy.

  • Two different wondermarker - the lines have already disappeared before I even started quilting or they have last forever (of course when they supposed to disappear fast). Drying out pretty fast

  • Soap marker couldnt really get some marking on the quilt.

  • Chaco-liner is quite good but when if you move the quilt alot the marking disappears pretty fast too - for small marking and no moving around -> great choice a bit messy.

  • Roxanne Quilters Choice - marks good but the tip goes blunt very fast or it cracks alot if they got thrown around alot while delivery and a fast use up
Have you tried the marker "HERA" from clover - how is this working and how long do you see the crease if you move the quilt around?

Hot Air Balloon in the neighbourhood

Sometimes its worth it to be outside so you wont miss any action whats going on in the neighbourhood. Yesterday I was painting may balcony balustrade (started the 3rd time and yeahhh I didnt got washed down the ladder by a huge rain strom), just got done and started to put all my stuff away when I heared some weired noises and voices from the neighbours property. Well since I´m not nosy at all *lol* - I had to check whats going on ......

I hope my neighbours had fun with the aerial view - the weather was perfect very far and clear view.

Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

Strolling around the garden

Lately I havent strolled around the garden - well I strolled around but not armed with my camera. Its amazing how plants grow or dont grow (like my chilly- and bell pepper plants and zucchini). I sow the chilly and bell pepper at the end of february and by the end of May they barly made it to 4 inch. I put them in the green house - well they started to grow a bit more but I think we need to have an extra looooooong summer to get at least some fruits on those damn plants. With some other veggies I have way more luck this year - I´m totally proud of my pumpkin-plant - it exploded this year. Last year the plant didnt get a chance because snails munched it down...... over night.

I proudly present one of my future Halloween-Pumpkin *lol*

Red currant

The grape plant kinda exploded also this year - the plant hook up with the apple tree and guess what - we will have grapes growing in the apple-tree *lol*

Cauliflower - already got to much sun because it starts turning blue

Sunflower - sown by birds

and of course my buddy Bizkit - he follows me around all day long

And what is the quilting doing??? Actually I started quilting my Dads Bird-Quilt and its almost done. I still dont know how to do the borders and when its getting to late for quilting I start cutting fabrics for some more ugly brick road blocks where I got 16 out of a swap of QLR.

Montag, 27. Juli 2009

Green night in the city

My friend Nicole, her daughter Isabell and me went to the green night on Saturday. Nicole took some awesome pictures while we were strolling around and instead of writing my own post I just give you the link to check out the post and the awesome pics taken by Nicole (btw I have to stop by and steal them of your PC - *lol*) -> Green Night/Grüne Nacht

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

The batiks finally arrived

Couple weeks ago (before my fabric diet has started) I have ordered a couple of batiks for one of my projects. Yesterday I got the final delivery! I already have printed the pp-patterns and one of my favorite store had a special on batiks - 45 % off, how could I resist, especially after I was already looking for fabric. I wanna make a Laced star quilt and got the pattern from quilterscache. I have this quilt since 2 years on my To-Do-List - well at least it can be started now any time I want to.

I love the colors!

Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

Jens Voigt crashed at the Tour

I was totally horrified when I watched the 16. stage of the Tour. One of my favorite german cyclist Jens Voigt was in the leading group and already passed Saint Bernard and speeding down the hill with 70 - 80 km/h when all of a sudden Jens crashed. He didnt even had the time to react and use his arms to soften the crash - he crashed with his head and shoulder on the asphalt. Thanks for the requirement of wearing a helmet cause if Jens Voigt wouldnt wear one he propably wouldnt survive the crash. Jens was lucky besides scratches - he "only" broke his checkbone and got a brain concussion. I wish him all the best for his recovery

Here is a short video of the stages final including the crash

And what about Lance - I´m still wondering what he is doing?!? The old Lance would never ever give away a Tour-victory and especially not to one young stud of he´s own team. Is he still going to attack? Or will he just show I´m not god - its possible that I dont win the Tour?!? When I look at Lance - he got too muscular for attacking in the mountains - he used to be slimmer. I will see on Saturday I still think Lance is same old maniac and wont give away the 8th Tour triumph.

Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

And The Winner Is............

Under the strict eye of judge Bizkit, the drawing by lot of the travel sewing case winner got started. Good Luck to you all!!!

The judge couldnt let a eye of the lots while mixing them

With a strict look, the judge checked if there is only one lot in my hand

I opened the lot and the winner is..........


and here... the totally exhausted judge..... wow this must have been a hard job!!!

Applause applause to TexasMusicMom....... please send me your snail mail addy via clicking my profile and email or just send me PM via QLR.

The travel sewing case will be on the way by Monday

P.S. No video of the drawing because my camera-mom wasnt home

Give Away Drawing

Ok Ladies, thanks for all the comments about how you would use the travel sewing case - I´m sure all of you would give the case a great home. The comments are printed and they will be in the pott as soon as I get off work. I deleted one comment from Alicia because she forgot to put her name in at her first one - sorry no double chance *lol*. It looks like the gals of the german forum forgot to check back the blog - so there are less comments and you ladies have a better chance to win the travel case.

I will post a video of the drawing and the winner later on - Good Luck to you!!

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

Give Away at Bizkits!!!

I posted my travel sewing case in forums I´m a member off and WOW I got so many positive and lovely comments about it that I would love to give one travel sewing case to one of you great ladies. All you have to do - leave a comment on this post and tell me how or what for you would use this travel sewing case and your name is in the pott. Deadline is Thursday night (european time) and friday I will pick the winner

Ich habe das Reise-Quiltzubehör-Täschchen in Foren eingestellt wo ich Mitglied bin und WOW ich hab daraufhin so viele positive und liebe Kommentare bekommen, dass ich ein solches Täschchen an eine von euch großartigen Ladies verlosen möchte. Alles was ihr tun müsst - schreibt einen Kommentar in diesem Post und lasst mich wissen wie und für was ihr dieses Täschchen benutzen wollt und euer Name ist im Pott. Donnerstagnacht ist der Stichtag und am Freitag wird der Gewinner/in ausgelost.

And here is what you can win - besides the travel sewing case I added a small cutting mat 7.5" x 5.5" and a 1" x 6" ruler

Und das ist was ihr gewinnen könnt - neben dem Täschchen gebe ich noch eine kleine Schneidematte 7.5" x 5.5" und ein 1" x 6" Lineal dazu

Happy comments!

P.S. I will ship internationally!

Montag, 13. Juli 2009

Travel Sewing Case

Yeahhhh - I had some time for some sewing on the weekend - and this is what came out. A travel sewing case

the prototype of the travel sewing case

I didn´t like the velcro

so I changed it on this one - its actually a present for a friend

used some of my stuff for decoration - I think the case looks good

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

Fabric Diet!!!

Yesterday when I was upstairs in my sewing room and cleaned up some of my mess, I decided I have to go on fabric diet. I have an old wooden 2 door locker from my grandmother and and there is no way that all my fabrics will fit in there. Fabric diet is the solution - no stash building shopping for the rest of the year (exception: I might be on vacation in November and defently gonna buy some fabric there). I´m only allowed to buy some fabric if I need something specific for a special project - I hope I can resist those great deals the online stores are always offering. I´m awaiting my last order of batiks - no, not stash building - its for my Lazed Star batik quilt I plan to sew and the pp-pattern are already printed and waiting to get started. If I look at my WADs-List 2009, for all those projects I already have the fabrics - all I might need is the backing.

So..... let´s get the diet started!!!

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

Tour de France

Since Saturday the Tour is on the road again - the last two years I wasnt really interested to watch the Tour but this year - Lance is back - with a very strong team.


021 - Alberto CONTADOR
022 -
023 -
Andreas KLÖDEN
024 -
025 -
026 -
027 -
028 - Gregory RAST
029 -

Columbia got also some strong cyclists in their team

071 - Mark CAVENDISH
072 -
Bernhard EISEL
073 -
074 -
075 -
076 -
077 -
078 -
079 -
Michael ROGERS

When I checked the teams I noticed that one of my favorite german cyclist is part of the tour again Jens Voigt he is such a great and nice guy.

This gonna be some really interesting 3 weeks.........

Montag, 6. Juli 2009

A Big Clear Out

On Saturday I started to clear out a shack on our property. Its amazing what you keep (in this case the collection of my grandparents and parents) when you have the space and not be willed to throw anything away.

A almost cleared out shack

I found trash.........

....... and treasures

an old wheelbarrow

an old wooden beer barrel and an old harness (whencever this come from)

an old whetstone

an old wooden wheel (since when we have cars and rubber tires??)

and two old hand saws for the big trees

Besides trash & treasures I run into those creatures too

Bizkit checked if the job I did is acceptable

and declared it as well done *lol*