Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Full Moon June

I love the colors the moon had while rising!!!

Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

Thank You Nicole ;-)

A couple days ago I had a squishy evelope in my mailbox....... I was absolutly excited - because I havent got any surpise mail since quite a while! Its from my friend Nicole - thanks alot!!!

Nicole made me 2 camera straps for my new Nikon, a heart pincushion, m&m-tins with m&m (which actually tasted very yummie - lol) and some twilight-candy

Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Help....... I See White Bunnies :-)

A couple weeks ago, the girls from our stable "rescued" three bunnies out of our stable-owners nephews hand. We had an eye on them since a couple of weeks - they were squeezed in, in an way to small cage......which didnt got clean out very often. Well they didnt take it to serious with feeding either...... I relized it because I always had to pass the cage when I went to feed our shy barn cats. All of a sudden it looked like the bunnies wouldnt get any food + water at all..... so I gave them a bit in the evenings when I was on the way to feed the shy barn cats....... after a week I talked to the other girls in the stable and we have decided to rescue them. Instead of a 30" x 18 " they have a  9 sqm stall..... and they are happy about hopping around, stretching out, laying down and having enough food and water.....

My I introduce you to Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar - arent they cute???
Well - we dont know who is who - lol - but we are thinking about to mark them


they are already acting like stars....... "NO PICTURES PLEASE" - lol 

The next step is - we are going to build a little corral, so we can put them outside outside every day!

Oh btw - the nephew of our stable-owner relized the missing bunnies after - I guess it was 3 days!

Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010


My friend Nicole is living in Texas since a few years and I already had the pleasure to have visited them a couple of times.  I love spending some time with my friend Nicole & family and somehow I became a fan of Texas.

No clue what I´m going to do with it so far - but I needed to have it

.....and I have to admit that I already have some more "Texas"-fabric in my stash

Montag, 14. Juni 2010

Birds And Potatoe Salad

My Mom put a bowl outside for the chickens with leftover potatoe salad.......... well the chickens weren´t intereseted in this potatoe salad but some others feathered friends

checking out the bowl

its digestible - even for the little ones

and some of the salad flew away

Squeezed In ;-)

 I´ll try to finish Bizkits quilt top but since I had a idea what I can make for my friend Nicole for her birthday - so I started working on this - I would love to post pics about it - but Nicole (winke-wink!!!) might sneaking through the blog ;-)
I´ll try to have it done by Tuesday and mail it out not later than Thursday!!!!

But besides that I´m still cutting inchies and sewing them together for Bizkits Top 

I´m close to have it finished

Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

Bizkits Quilt Top Is Almost Done

I´m sure this is going to be the ugliest quilt I ever made - I try to use up my flannel scraps - what ever is left.

I still need to add some inchie rows left and right and I have ordered a piece of red flannel for sashing.
Bizkit doesnt care if it´s ugly or not as long as its flannel - lol.

Pottery market and Water castle

Today it was a beautiful Sunday - one of those days I would like to have more. The weather was great and there were stuff to do - like a pottery market right next to a water castle in our area.

and here are some of the things you could buy there....

and of course pics of the castle - they even have mumies in there