Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

1. FNSI December - Results

I know I´m late for posting about my FNSI results - to be honest I was just to lazy to download the pics and post about. Better late than never..... here they are......

I´m done quilting and now......

.... the quilt keeps me busy with sewing in threads

this is what I´ve got done in 1,5 h

Not alot but better than nothing right!?!

X-Mas Tree Is Up

It has been already last week when I put up the Chrismas tree.........I always love to use my grandmas crochet white ornaments.

Its been 18 years ago in September..... my Nana was at the hospital when I asked her for the pattern to those ornaments. A couple of weeks later, when she was back home from the hospital Nana started crocheting ornaments like crazy. I asked her for whom she is making the ornament and she answered that she dont really remember - someone has asked her while she was in the hospital about the pattern but since she dont have a pattern for them she thought she would just make them. Close to tears I told her that it was me who asked for the pattern. That was the last gift I´ve got from my Nana....... she passed away in March the following year.

pic taken while daylight

I´m sure the un-decorating will be alot faster......

with the help of my furry elves......... but hopefully after X-mas :D

 lighten up in the evening

I dont have a tree skirt and I checked the net for a pattern I would like.... found one but I doubt that I will have it until this Christmas but defently will be done by next year!

Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

First FNSI December

Any plans for this comming Friday? What about to join the

Christmas Market In Nürnberg/Nuremberg

Saturday Micha, Andrea and I went to the Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg. Its always fun to stroll through Nürnberg and do some shopping and at this time of year we strolled through the Christkindlesmarket.

it looks gigantic......

here we go

oh boy...... it looks like its gonna be crowded......yep it was

after we got pushed through a few ailes.... we thought it was time for a Glühwein-break :D

the whole pedestrian zone is nicly decorated

I´m sure some of you have used pens and pencils made by Faber-Castell - they are very common in Germany - well here is a part of the factory

Wallhanging & Deco-Swap

Last Friday Marianne and I had a little quilting bee again. I think its much more fun when friends sit together for some sewing and chatting - sadly Angela couldnt make it this time.

Well, I would say we had a great evening - Marianne was working on her winter quilt......

......the quilt is amazing - Marianne handquilted it and here she is working on her binding
(sorry for the lousy quality of the pic - it took it with my cell phone)

and I have finished my Halloween-wallhanging...... finally!

I´m already looking forward to our next little get together - *hint-hint* :D


And I have received my goodies out of the Deco-Swap Sandra has organized in FB.

It turned out that Sandra was my secret swap partner. Look how supercute the little trees are, the gorgous MugRug with my initial on and buttons slide on a wire ring....

Thank you so much Sandra and thank you for having the idea for the swap and organizing it!

Montag, 28. November 2011


My knitting slowed down alot especially after I found my passion in quilting a few years ago. So once in a while I knit some socks or like know I´ve started to knit a scarf..... it was a kit for 3 € even the round needle were included.

Here is the beginning.........

Lampion Found Its Place In My House

I made this lampion with my friend Nicole while I was visiting her in June. Couple weeks ago I even found a plain lamp socket (never thought it would be so hard to find one) and this weekend I´ve finished it and hung it up.


Rocco is part of our family since mid January this year and 10 month later Bizkit finally shared his chair with him - Rocco all comfy and Bizkit still sceptical about it. Can you believe that they havent laid this close before?!?! 

Bizkit is not very social to other cats when it comes to his sleeping habits and places. Normally its enough when he gets slightly touched by the other cats hair to enrage him.

Dienstag, 22. November 2011

Digged Out An Ufo

This quilt was laying around for two years - blame me!!!! I started quilting it in 2009 and after a while I put it aside until today. Its one of my projects I would love to finish this year......
I´ve started stippling the center parts - I´m still learning and partly it could look a bit better but I can live with it.

I hope I can keep my motivation to finish the quilt before New-Years-Eve.

Christmas Deco Swap

This swap was organized by Sandra at FB  - THANKS alot for the whole organizing.
And this is what my swap partner Silke will recieve - two Wichtels, a X-mas tree......

..... and this table topper

I so hope Silke will like it. She left a note at the groups wall that her X-mas decoration is kept in red/white. I guess I will find out the next couple of days.......

Montag, 21. November 2011

Blind Quilter

Have you ever sewn without using your eyes? This lady is pretty amazing and inspiring - just WOW since I´m using my eyes for every stitch and cut I make!

This video got posted on FB at one of the Quilting groups I´m in............ I thought I had to share!

Mr. Snowman Is Moving In

Saturday evening we went to an small X-mas fair - with some booths with selfmade goodies...... well even a quilter was there. We were strolling with some cups of Glühwein through the fair when this little dude caught my eye

Mr. Snowman moved into my house - isnt he cute???

Samstag, 19. November 2011

FNSI November - Results

Ok - this time I got very late into my sewing room and before I´ve started sewing I had to do some serious online-shopping :D 

I got the star top done

and trimmed the wallhanging, to sew on the hangers and the binding. Now I will have some couch time with the wallhanging while sewing on the binding at the backside by hand.

Ya´ll have a great weekend!

Freitag, 18. November 2011

Plans For FNSI - November

I´ve got quite some projects I can work on tonight......

.....a star table topper.....

.....sewing on the binding on one side with the machine.....

......and sew those together to make more stuffed trees.......

Sooooooo......... will see how soon I will be in my sewing room tonight and how much I will get done before I get too tired. Happy stitchin!!!

I Love Squishy Mail

After a whole week hunting down my mail man - he finally delivered the squishy envelope I was expecting - hooray!

 I was participating the X-Mas tree swap at QLR and yesterday I have received the envelope with the swapped blocks - have a look

for each block was a extra strip of fabric added

Aint those blocks super pretty??? Thanks to Tracy for organizing this swap and to all the participants for making such great blocks. All I need is some extra time to turn the blocks into ...... well at least a top in the near future.