Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Brown Bag Quilt - Top Is Done.....

or a new ufo is born ;-) I have to put it aside because I need to make three more quilts I´ve been asked for. Well its not finished but I think this should be ok because I´ve used 90 % of the fabrics I´ve received from my swap partner Emma.

It was not easy to take a picture this morning - it was freezing cold and at the sunny parts of our garden there was wind and the top wouldn´t lay down and at the non windy spaces there was shadow and the colors didnt come out as nice as they are....... so have a look

I love the way it turned out (tut is from Moda Bake Shop), its 67" X 71"


My I Introduce You To Baby Wyatt.....

the new owner of the quilt I made. Look how adorable this little man is - congratulation to Ashley and Scott may god bless the little family.

Welcome to the world little Wyatt

Block For Silas

Gabi  from the QF asked if some of the members wanna help to make a quilt for the special Silas. Since I had time... of course I wanna help Gabi. Silas likes horses, anything with wheels and anything with going swimming

Guess what theme I´ve picked ;-)

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Wohooo I´ve Received My Mug Rugs

When I came home on saturday afternoon I found an squishy envelope in my mailbox. Its from Lisa from Australia - THANK YOU so much I´m totally in love with those mug rugs.

Wohooo I have received two absolutly beautiful mug rugs

Look here all the goodies I´ve received.

I´m so glad that I´ve joined this swap - big THANK YOU to Michele of quiltinggallery for organizing this swap.

Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Result Of My FNSI

I got quite some sewing done this time - yay me!
I have recut the blocks....

..... sewn them together to rows, 5 of 7 are done

Did you relize the pattern?!? Yep - its from Moda Bake Shop - I think the fabrics are just perfect for this pattern.

Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

Getting Ready For FNSI

Ok its about time to get ready for my FNSI. Just brought my snacks and drinks to my sewing room - had fast chat with my friend Nicole and now its about time to bring myself to the sewing room

I will work on my brown bag quilt. There are 49 squares and 7 rectangles which need to be recut and sewn together

So lets get started and hopefully I will have an productive evening

Happy stitchin

Furry Helpers

Yesterday I spent a bit of time in my sewing room. Whenever Moritz relizes that I go upstairs he is right behind me........ no, actually is already waiting for me at door. Rocco is Moritz´ "shadow" wherever Moritz is you can bet that Rocco is not very far away and it looks like Bizkit is getting better with the little ones.

Thats how close the little ones are allowed around Bizkit

Moritz is working on a different layout....

.....and Rocco is taking care of the fabrics in my locker

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Friday Night Sew in 2/18/11

Its about time again to get ready for the FNSI......if you havent registered yet - hurry up and sign in it will be so much fun!

A New Cat Carrier

With three cats its a bit troubling to have only one cat carrier especially when I have to go to the vet with two cats. So I bought a second cat carrier ...... Bizkit saw it, sniffed on it and went back outside. Not so the other two.....

Moritz always knows everything.... and shows Rocco how to use a cat carrier sit in there

.... say good bye...

....Rocco is being smart... yeah yeah I know the rest.....

... door is closed and Moritz trapped by Rocco

Keep Working On Brown Bag Quilt Project

thats what I´m doing at the moment besides lots of cleaning - lol! Two young kitten sure help me to make my cleaning worth it and they make sure that it wont stay clean for too long :-D.
Ok - back to my brown bag quilt project....... I still needed a backround fabric and I picked this out of my stash

and cut it in 4 7/8" squares

hmmmm what you think this gonna be
already figured it out?

yep.... some flying geese I need

 oh and Rocco turns into a quilting cat also - found his place in my sewing room

Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Stash Manicure - Brown Bag Swap

Oh boy.... when I participated this swap...... I thought... wow I got alot of time to make something out of the fabrics I have received from my swap partner Emma..... this was September and a fingersnip later its already February. So I would say its about time to start this project.

Those are the fabrics I have received from Emma

I will add those four for the project

all together I cut 27 squares

For the backround I will use a off white fabric - I should have enough of it in my stash.

Mug Rugs For The Swap

I´ve got to go back on some more sewing.... somehow I got a bit lazy. No excuse - I needed to get my butt upstairs into my sewing room - I dont wanna have a disappointed swap partner because of my laziness. My swap partner likes flowers.... and thats what I made for her........ I hope she will like the mug rugs.


I still have to get some goodies for my swap partner before mailing out.

One Happy Camper

I found this tend a couple years ago on sale - it was only 2 €. Back than Tigger was still alive but he wasnt really interested in this tend. Not so Moritz - btw he has a nest of wasps in his butt - he loves playing in there and since we have Rocco the tend got already destroyed by them. I have to check if I can fix it ;-)

Moritz is always busy - playing, running, biting, scratching, climbing, chewing... aso. When you think he is asleep - nope wrong, as soon as he hears the tiniest noise - he is up again!

and please.... someone might tell him that he is not a dog and needs to stop chewing on things.
(already ruined one of my crocks, the opener of the cat carrier, my big candle and some other things)

Hi I´m Rocco

Finally I´ve got a name "Rocco"

I went to the vet yesterday to get the shots for the little one...... surprise surprise.......its not a girl.... its a boy (maybe that´s the reason why I couldn´t name "her")! The emergency vet told us its a girl...... and I started wondering a bit the last week if this could be true..... and here we go.