Montag, 29. August 2011

X-Mas Tree Swap

This is the new swap I´m participating and its organized by Tracy from QLR. Its a group of wonderful and funny ladies and its such a big pleasure to be a member of this group. We are swapping 16 X-Mas tree blocks and its a pretty easy one

here are my cutted fabrics

6 blocks are sewn together - 10 more to go - if.......

I wouldnt have busted my sewing machine  >:(  The end of the thread got tangled in the bobbin location and I had to cut it out. Since ever then my machine doesnt sound right while I´m sewing + I have huge loops on the backside. I will put my machine in service today and hopefully it wont take weeks again (grumble-grumble). But I´m lucky also - because my Mom told me that I can borrow hers until I get mine back.

Freitag, 26. August 2011

Toddler Quilt - Now The Top Is Done

In the previous post I wrote that I wanted the quilt a bit longer......  The same evening I´ve sewn the squares together and added them to the quilt in the opposite direction...... aaaahhhhhhhhh sometimes it would be really helpful to use your brain BEFORE you do something.........since there are only three different colors and pink was my middle one at the first row - so it was in the second row even if I sewed it on in the opposite direction (grumble-grumble). And of course I´ve already done both of them - grrrr my spare sewing time was wasted for nothing.......... after that I went to bed - still mad about myself.

Ok - new day, new luck, new sewing time - and guess what - I´ve used my brain before I started sewing - lol .........

I really like this top. The added extra rows dont look to bad and I´m pretty happy with the length by now.

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Toddler Quilt - Top Is Almost Done

Sunday and Monday evening I was able to spend a decent time in my sewing room. I kept on working on the toddler quilt and I´m pretty happy how it turned out so far

I played with the block layout - I always do that and at the end I´ll end up with a total different because while sewing them together all of a sudden I dont like it anymore.

after some more sewing I got this far.....I really like how it turned out. The quilte is wide enough but I love to have it a bit I add another rows of squares????

or just put a border around it - which means it will get wider also. Hmm I kinda like the green around it but I dont wont to have it wider...... I´ll guess I´ll just add another row of squares.

Freitag, 19. August 2011

No FNSI In August For Me

Couple days after I have registered for the FNSI August I got an invitation to a birthday party! So I have to drop out this time :( because it will be pretty late until I get home!

Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Toddler Quilt Started

and as you can see of the colors its for a girl. I´ve known for quite a while that I have to make this quilt - but I never had a idea I really liked. So I hope it will turn out like I thought

8 blocks are done - 4 more to go - hopefully tonight

Dienstag, 16. August 2011

FNSI August

Wow is it already FNSI August - where did the past month go??? Anyways, fun night is here so hurry up and hopp to

and sign in. I´m so looking forward to this evening!

Montag, 15. August 2011

Cats And Critters

Bizkit and Rocco are fighting alot......

..... while Moritz is catching butterflies and bringing them to me into the house....

....... better butterflies then anything else. Last week I found some feathers in the hallway..... ok I havent seen one of the cats coming inside the house with a new "toy" - neither I´ve seen them carrying anything outside. Never know where they leave their toys.... so I started crawling through my appartement to check.... lucky me no left overs found....... well until later on when I was going to bed....... YUUUUCK!!!!..... Sidenote: If you dont find your cats feathered toy at the floor..... you may check your bed! (I love doing laundry this late at night - grrrrr)

Digging In My Stash

Saturday evening I had some playtime in my sewing room. I was digging in my stash for fabrics for two new projects - a toddler quilt and a swap with some great ladies of QLR

I was going through my un-ironed pile of fabrics and Bizkit thought that it looked comfy enough to take a nap on this pile

this would be my choice of color for the swap

and this for the toddler quilt.

Rainy Saturday Morning......

........ and one lucky neighbour! I´m wondering if they found the pott of gold :D

Grabbing Ball

Couple of days ago I have finished the grabbing ball which goes with Quilt Hanna. Its the first one I made and I think its kinda cute if a toy fits to the blanket.

here are the pieces stuffed and closed  - ready.....

.... to sew them together

I have also put some of those little jingle bells inside so the grabbing ball would make some noise :D

ready to go!

While finishing the grabbing ball I made fast small house out of a cardboard box for Rocco "The little camper".
He just loves to lay inside or underneath something.

Montag, 8. August 2011

Baby Hannas Quilt Is Done

It took me a bit longer as I have thought to finish the quilt after I have received the babys name. Last Friday was that Friday were I wouldnt get out of my sewing room until I was done with the Babys Hannas Quilt...... and here it is......

and this will be a little extra - fitting to the quilt

.... a bag full of leftover batting

the pieces needs to be stuffed

..... lol - no more pics because I havent finished the grabbing ball yet...... still need to stuff and close 3 more of those pieces and sew them together. Its amazing how much batting is fitting in those pieces......... my bag with leftover batting will be emptied quite a bit.