Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Quilting Bee June

Last friday we had our little quilting bee at Mariannes. Its always fun to do some chatting, sewing and having a good time

Here are my cutted squares and rectangles - they need to be turned into blocks

Angela is making a Jelly-Quilt

Kathi keeps working on her first quilt

Marianne is assisting Kathi when she needs help

these are the blocks I made this evening

bringing in ideas how to quilt the layers

Kathi proudly presents her first finished top

Marianne spoiled us with a tasty salad and some champagne

Thanks Marianne  for another great evening at your place!

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Getting Ready For Some Sewing

After two month without sewing I defently need to get back to my sewing machine. This projects needs to be done in September....... sigh......I wonder where the last few month have gone???  Marinne has called that we are going to have another quilting bee at her house.......thats my chance to get finally started.

Those are the fabrics which will be used for this quilt - let the cutting begin :)

I wont post alot of pics from this project cuz I´m not sure if the recipients are stopping by at my blog

Wooden Barrel

I also started working on my "table" for my chill corner. The barrel has been in one of our sheds since forever. After scrubbing of the dirt - the barrel sits outside to dry off

Still quite some work to do but I hope I´ll get it done before the sun season is over :)

Old Wooden Box

Couple weeks ago I run into this wooden box in the basement. I cleaned it, did some wood worm treatment, added little rollers and here we go

I love my little "new" furniture

Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Military Exhibition, June 3rd

I always wanted a ride in a tank and one of my colleagues made it possible! Big thanks to Mark - I had an awesome day!!!!

the regulations got loosend loose hair and blue vans - lol

If I ever will get rich - this will be my favorite toy

I was like a little kid - I didnt wanna to get off my ride - I wanted more and more and more...........the power, the engine...... amazing

There is a place in Germany were I can take driving lessons with a tank - I think this will be on my wishlist - lol!