Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

Friday Night Sew-in In March

This sounds like fun........ so come on and join the Sew-in night on March, 19th and sign up at Heidi´s blog.

Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Wintertime Mini Is Done

Last night I have finished my wintertime mini quilt for the swap. All I need to do is to sew on the lable and wohooo it will be on it´s way by tomorrow to my swap partner in the states. I hope she will like it!!!!

Montag, 22. Februar 2010

I´m Honored

I have received the SUNSHINE AWARD from Conny - she loves to follow my blog *flush*. Thank you Conny - I feel really honored, especially since its my first award I have received.

Now its my turn to give this award to six other bloggers for "I love to follow your blog" - oh boy this wont be easy because there a sooooooo many great blogs out there.

My award is going to Nicole, Kris, Gesine, Nancy, Rockgranny, Jessica

These are the award rules:

*Put the award at your blog
*Give it on to 6 other bloggers and add a link to their blog
*Let those bloggers know that they win an this award
*Give a link at your blog to the blogger from whom you have received the award


Ich habe den  SUNSHINE AWARD von Conny bekommen- sie liest gerne meinen blog *rotwerd*. Vielen Dank Conny - ich fühle mich absolut geehrt, besonders weil es mein erster Award ist, den ich erhalten habe.

Nun bin ich an der Reihe, den Award an sechs Blogger weiterzugegeben deren Blog ich gerne lese..... oh je, dass ist nicht grad einfach, denn es sind soooooo viele großartige Blogs da draussen

Mein Award geht an Nicole, Kris, Gesine, Nancy, Rockgranny und Jessica

Hier die Award Regeln:

*Poste den Award auf deinem Blog
*Gib ihn an 6 weitere Blogger weiter und stell einen Link zu deren Blog her
*Informiere die Blogger, dass du ihnen den Award verliehen hast
*Gib den Blog auf deiner Blogseite an, von der dir der Award verliehen wurde

Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

It Snowed Again

We had a beautiful saturday afternoon - sunny, almost blue sky - only some clouds around and the temperatures in the 40s. The sun already soaked up some snow, the streets and sidewalkes were clean and dry............ and thats what I saw this morning when I looked out the window

Some more snow, some more shoveling

It was almost 2 inch - yeah I know its not alot but yesterday we had temperatures in the 40 F!!!

Minzie Knows The Best Place

Minzie is the cat at our office and she waits every morning at the door to get some food and sleep inside during the day. I hate to get cold feet, so got a little electrical heater by my feet and Minzie knows what´s good too ;-)

Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

Wintertime Mini Quilt Top Is Done

Finally the top of the mini quilt is done. I have finished it last night - heck it took me long this time. Tonight I wanna sandwich the layers and quilt it. Hopefully I can mail it out at the beginning of next week because the mini will go overseas and hopefully my swap partner will like it.

just a little peek like always - because its secret - shhhhhhhh!!!

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

IceTigers vs DEG Düsseldorf

Tuesday was icehockey time ..... IceTigers vs DEG Düsseldorf. I was looking forward to be in the Arena again to enjoy the "brodelnden Hexenkessel" but no - somehow there was a weired atmosphere....... the players were kinda reserved and also the fans - I would say boring.............for almost two thirds until the first goal for us. The last third paid everything - the atmosphere were back, out boy fighting for the victory...... with success 2:1 for us........

Valentines Mail From Texas

I have received a Valentines Card from my favorite gang in Texas - the Bissell-Gang - *lol*. Nicole is very-very creativ and always animates the kids to do something crafty too. So they sent me a really cute selfmade card and some pics of the kids

Thanks Nicole + Rasselbande ich hab mich sehr darüber gefreut! Miss you guys!!

Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

A Little Get Together

Friday we had a little get together at Mariannes. I was looking forward for some sewing, some chatting and having fun. Sadly Angela couldnt come because of the weather and road condition but safety comes first. So it was just Marianne and I spending the evening together

Marianne was going to work on her fantastic heart-quilt - she did a great free motion quilting on this one

we also checked some online shops for goodies

Mariannes new old locker with some of her pretties

Marianne spoiled us with some prosecco and some Quarktaschen yumieh!!! - well here she is trying to get the bottle opened

and here is Marinne with her other awesome quilt she is working on right now - her black/white Flic-Flac

I started quilting my fishy quilt and a good part got done. It was a fun evenig - the time went by so fast and I was back home around 1 am ;-)

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

Feathered Visitor

Some of you know that I work for a recycling company and I get to see a lot of critters flying, running and crowling around here. Since last week I relized a new visitor

May I introduce you to Mr. Buzzard

digging around for food or is he in the recycling business also?!?

digging around a little bit more

This is a moment where I wish I would have a better camera - maybe I will get me one for my birthday

Montag, 8. Februar 2010

Portable And Wirless!!!

Lately I kept thinking about getting myself a laptop. I have a PC at my home office and I dont like to be stucked there for hours while I´m working on pictures, playing farmville or posting...........and somehow a friend asked me if would like to have one of his used laptop - yeah sure!!!! Well after two weeks of trying to talk this laptop into some WLAN it finally worked and now I´m wireless AND portable.....

Now I can do some blogging in my sewing room

or in the living room..... I feel free *lol*

Wintertime Mini Quilt Got Started

This weekend I started to work on my wintertime mini quilt. Its a swap I participated at QuiltingGallery and my swap partner is from the US...shhhhh... thats all I´m gonna tell about her since it is a secret swap. And here is a little peek of the fabric and a stitchery pattern I will use for the mini quilt.

I have so much fun with this stitching-pattern - I had to made me stop and go to bed

Fight The Puppy-Dog-Rolls

I bought this Crosstrainer last week - it was quite difficult to hieve the package upstairs all by myself but I did it -  built it together and here we go

it´s about time to start the winter workout since my scale is telling me "Only on person at the time" *lol*!

It´s a good workout and hopefully I stay as motivated as I am right now!